Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Few Resources for the Discussion of Open Access Journals

Last week Harvard’s faculty advisory council released a memorandum on journal pricing, stating that “Harvard’s annual cost for journals from [publishers] now approaches $3.75M.”  Major publications-The Atlantic, Chronicle of Higher Education, and The Guardian-have covered the announcement and several blog posts have continued the discussion including Cathy Davidson’s thought-provoking piece and Jonathan Rochkind’s librarian viewpoint.

The conversation about open research has been brewing for a while, sparking the Federal Research Public Access Act (H. R. 5037), which requires federally sponsored research to be publicly and freely available.  There are a number of related links listed after the proposed bill.

Several institutions have been mounting a defense against one journal provider in particular-ElsevierThe Chronicle has been covering the Elsevier boycott since it first gained momentum in January.  Even the New York Times and The Guardian have reported the continued impact.

For a little more on related topics:

Digital Rights Management from Joseph Espositio

Distributed Research from George Siemens

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