Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Scotland! A Constellation of Participants in Badges

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There are some great things happening in Scotland.  About 70 different institutions,  organizations, and colleges/universities have joined together to create the Open Badges in Scottish Education Group (#OBSEG), which will try to create, adopt, and incorporate badges into "learner progress," "staff development," and "technology and design."  For a more detailed list of their objectives: OBSEG JISC Post

One of the most exciting features of the group is their goal to integrate badges into their programs for recognition of prior learning (RPL/PLA/APL).  They are also mapping some of the badges to their national qualification framework (The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework).  

This is a wonderful combination of formal, nonformal, and informal learning that can lead to student degree completion and success.  Even the Scottish Qualifications Authority is on board with using badges to help students display their competencies, skills, knowledge, and experience in a digital format.

Joe Wilson, Head of New Ventures at Scottish Qualifications Authority, states, "Within the national context we believe that Open Badges have the potential to: accredit significant small steps in a learner’s journey from informal learning to formal certification,  offer recognition for the achievement of single competencies and outcomes,  provide recognition for chunks of learning or performance smaller than would normally be recognised in national certification and national credit rating systems and that badges can  be used towards accreditation of prior learning where appropriate." 

For More Information on Scotland and Open Badges: So What Are Open Badges? and SQA Investigates Opportunities with Mozilla Open Badges

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